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toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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Walt Disney Movie Collection 1937-2008 Single Link

1937 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
1940 - Fantasia
1940 - Pinocchio
1941 - Dumbo
1941 - The Reluctant Dragon
1942 - Bambi
1942 - Saludos Amigos
1943 - Victory Through Air Power
1945 - The Three Caballeros
1946 - Make Mine Music
1946 - Song of the South
1947 - Fun and Fancy Free
1948 - Melody Time
1949 - The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
1950 - Cinderella
1951 - Alice in Wonderland
1953 - Peter Pan
1954 - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1955 - Lady and the Tramp
1957 - Old Yeller
1959 - Darby O’Gill and the Little People
1959 - Sleeping Beauty
1960 - Swiss Family Robinson
1961 - 101 Dalmatians
1963 - The Sword in the Stone
1964 - Mary Poppins
1965 - That Darn Cat
1967 - The Jungle Book
1968 - The Love Bug
1970 - The Aristocats
1971 - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
1971 - The Million Dollar Duck
1973 - Robin Hood
1974 - Herbie Rides Again
1977 - Pete’s Dragon
1977 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
1977 - The Rescuers
1981 - The Fox and the Hound
1982 - A Disney Christmas Gift
1985 - The Black Cauldron
1986 - The Great Mouse Detective
1988 - Oliver & Company
1988 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
1989 - The Little Mermaid
1990 - Ducktales The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
1990 - The Rescuers Down Under
1991 - Beauty and the Beast
1993 - The Nightmare Before Christmas
1994 - Aladdin -The Return of Jafar
1994 - Aladdin
1994 - The Lion King
1995 - A Goofy Movie
1995 - Pocahontas
1995 - Toy Story
1996 - Aladdin and the King of Thieves
1996 - James and the Giant Peach
1996 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1997 - Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas
1997 - Hercules
1997 - Winnie The Pooh’s Most Grand Adventure
1998 - A Bug’s Life
1998 - Belle’s Magical World
1998 - Mulan
1998 - Pocahontas II - Journey to a New World
1998 - The Lion King 2 - Simba’s Pride
1999 - Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
1999 - Tarzan
1999 - Toy Story 2
1999 - Winnie The Pooh-Seasons of Giving
2000 - An Extremely Goofy Movie
2000 - Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, The Adventure Begins
2000 - Dinosaur
2000 - Fantasia 2000
2000 - The Emperor’s New Groove
2000 - The Little Mermaid 2-Return to the Sea
2000 - The Tigger Movie
2001 - Atlantis The Lost Empire
2001 - Lady And The Tramp II - Scamp’s Adventure
2001 - Mickey’s Magical Christmas-Snowed In at the House of Mouse
2001 - Monsters, Inc.
2002 - Cinderella II - Dreams Come True
2002 - Lilo And Stitch
2002 - Mickey’s House of Mouse - The Villains
2002 - Return to Never Land
2002 - Tarzan & Jane
2002 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
2002 - Treasure Planet
2002 - Winnie the Pooh-A Very Merry Pooh Year
2003 - 101 Dalmatians 2 - Patch’s London Adventure
2003 - Atlantis 2 Milo’s Return
2003 - Brother Bear
2003 - Finding Nemo
2003 - Kim Possible - A Stitch In Time
2003 - Piglet’s Big Movie
2003 - Stitch! The Movie
2003 - The Jungle Book 2 
2004 - Home On The Range
2004 - Kim Possible - The Villain Files
2004 - Mickey Donald Goofy-The Three Musketeers
2004 - Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas
2004 - The Incredibles
2004 - The Lion King 1-1.5 - Hakuna Matata
2004 - Winnie the Pooh - Springtime With Roo
2005 - Chicken Little
2005 - Disney’s Christmas Favourites
2005 - Kim Possible - So The Drama
2005 - Kronk’s New Groove
2005 - Lilo and Stitch 2 - Stitch has a Glitch
2005 - Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
2005 - Tarzan II
2006 - Bambi II
2006 - Brother Bear 2 
2006 - Cars
2006 - Leroy & Stitch
2006 - The Fox and the Hound 2 
2007 - Cinderella III - A Twist in Time
2007 - Disney Princess Enchanted Tales - Follow Your Dreams
2007 - Enchanted
2007 - Meet The Robinsons
2008 - Bolt
2008 - The Little Mermaid - Ariel’s Beginning
2008 - Tinker Bell
2008 - Wall-E

did i just die and go to heaven?

for anon.

im sure ill need this sooner or later

all my favorite old movies! hopefully they’ll get 2009-2012 soon :’)

brings back memories :)

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I demand one that my boyfriend also occupies. At the same time as me.

I don’t see why this is so much to ask.


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I’ve never noticed this till now..

Praise: good girl, thats my girl, you go girl

Reprimand: Listen here young lady, As a woman you should…, You’re old enough to know…, You’re a woman now, not a little girl.

I never would have noticed this;

No one ever believed me when I called them on this bullshit. Good to know it’s not just me.

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As much as I love baking, I think my next venture will be to make myself a better cook. Every time I bake I have to eat whatever it is I make, and there’s not much nutritional value in sugar x_x

So I’ve got two recipes in mind to try first :D

1) Cheddar Vegetable Chowder 

2) Healthy Turkey Meatloaf (minus the chili…I hate spicy food)

I am so hungry looking at these, and so excited to try cooking! :) And I want my bf to try.

Since we’re on the topic of ‘domesticated jobs’, and I also wanna try doing laundry…:S Yeah I fail @ life, never done my own laundry. I need to learn these skillz.

Wish me luck!


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I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my life right now, thoughts bumping about in my head. It’s been awhile since I blogged.

I’m thinking about how annoying it is to ‘have’ to be witty all the time. Even on Facebook. People make a point, myself included, of trying to mask something ordinary in a clever and witty light. Why?

I ask WHY as a redundant question - I want whoever’s reading this to reflect on how often they put up a facade.

I feel like people on Facebook get a certain satisfaction from garnering ‘likes’, because they feel accepted.

I in turn feel rejected when no one ‘likes’ anything I’ve done, and it lowers my self-esteem. A pretty extreme reaction to such a small occurrence, I realize, but that’s just part of my disorder. I’ve come to accept that I may react a certain way to things, but I must counter the thought so I don’t dwell in a negative state.

Why is it so important for us as humans to feel acceptance from our peers. I don’t know if it’s a fundamental need, but it feels like it for me, what with my social phobias and anxiety. 

I’m also annoyed at pseudoscience. I went to a chiropractic office earlier today, because it was free (an X-Ray and a consultation). I don’t think I will be returning. I can’t trust ‘doctors’ that charge you for visits. Side note: That is why I love the Canadian healthcare system, flawed though it may be, it’s fundamental concept is wonderful. 

I also did some quick research when I got home, I googled people’s testimonials and opinions, etc., and I don’t believe in the practice. I’m too scientific I guess, too skeptical/analytic, whatever. It’s all too friendly, trying to reel me in for more visits. I don’t have money that I can just throw around.

I think I’ll just work on the muscles in my back to realign my spine, or ask my family doctor to refer me to physiotherapy. That at least works.

I went home sick from work yesterday. I felt bad, and guilty. I feel guilty a lot of the time. But I legitimately felt terrible - nauseous and abdominal pains. I don’t know what brought it on. I am sad that I lost 4 hours of work :(

My depression or whatever is kicking in at the moment, I don’t feel very motivated to go back to work today. I want the day off. This is the same problem I get when I am in school. I’m selfish with my time - I want all day long to be what I want. I want to go to the gym today and exercise, come home and shower, take a bubble bath, drink a protein shake, have a delicious healthy fiber-rich meal for dinner. Take care of my skin.

Bake cookies.

The important thing is that I identify the problem, and move forwards from there to fix it. I can’t lay in bed all day. Maybe I’ll read an anatomy book that I’ve been meaning to…

Why anatomy? Because it’s interesting and I like it, and I feel like if I don’t take the time to learn it now that I have so much time on my hands, I will regret not utilizing this time. Maybe I’ll be on the ‘right path’ someday, med-school bound. That is still my dream…I don’t know if it will be in 4 more years after another (possible) undergrad. Maybe I’ll be tired at that point, and just want to get my life going. I’ll be 26/27 years old after all.

I hope I get into Engineering at McMaster. I want a direction again. I want a second chance to start over, with a clean slate. I want to utilize all that I have learned about myself and about how to succeed at the University level and truly reach my full potential. I know I am smart, I know I can achieve 90s.

While I value my time off, the relaxation, I know that it is short-lived and I will soon be ‘back up and running’ as they say. And then the stress will return. The anxiety. At first avoiding situations. The stress of trying to overcome my fears. Sigh. Only this time I will not be doing extra-curricular activities.

I’m between Engineering and medicine.

Engineering - good, respectable career…don’t have to deal with stupid people, just your peers, which are fellow Engineers. Consistent hours (albeit probably long hours), you are not ‘on-call’. You work in an office, get holidays and weekends off (I presume?). Good money.

Medicine - Better money, seemingly more respectable…but the hours, and the community. Personal satisfaction from truly making a difference in someone’s life…or not.

I have just lost the patience to deal with people that are not on the same ‘level’…I know that sounds arrogant. I’m not delusional and believe myself to be the most intelligent human being on the planet (DEFINITELY NOT, what with my less-than-impressive grades from Life Sci), but I can’t stand to work with people that are narrow-minded, not analytic, lack-common-sense, and YET SOMEHOW FUNCTION IN SOCIETY. I don’t understand. I’m tired of answering to people who do not have similar/higher qualifications than I do.

A bachelor of science isn’t that high of a qualification. There is of course masters programs, people with 30+ years of experience in their field, Ph.D, MD, B.Eng, etc. But there’s also lower.

I’m going to go flip through my anatomy book now.

Oh, my netbook is in repairs. I am sad and missing it. At least it’s free though, still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Hard drive started to die :( RIP Acer Netbook. See you in two weeks.


the things that provoke emotion from you.

I started listening to this song originally because I liked it and was curious as to if there was a video/what it looked like.

Then I got emotional over the fact that these young boys were stealing from a helpless ice-cream truck driver.

Like deeply emotional, but without crying.

I’ll tell you why.

It reminds me of these dip-shit douche-bag classmates I had/hated in the 7th or 8th grade who told me they had been bothering my dad by throwing a football into our backyard some time ago, and he’d have to retrieve it and throw it back over the fence to them…but they were just being stupid and annoying while he was trying to mow the lawn. To this day it makes me FURIOUS because what these fucking retards didn’t understand back then was that my dad has a heart condition, and he’s had a heart attack before, and that if something happened to him…I would just, disintegrate. My dad was already working hard in the garden, he didn’t need the additional stress of these STUPID good-for-nothing, are now-currently-and-will-forever-be-going-NOWHERE-useless-bags-and-leeches-on-society-taking-up-precious-air-and-SPACE. These same douche-bags were part of a group of people that tormented me in elementary/middle school, to top it all off. My carnal sense (my id if you will) is telling me that I wish I could behave violently towards them if given the chance, but my ego is telling me that would not be socially acceptable and it would make me seem crazy and irrational for even thinking it.

It’s amazing how this video, made for entertainment purposes and nothing more, evoked these memories when it had nothing to do with my story.

Every time I see good-for-nothing young boys like this, it reminds me of those idiots I once dealt with…and the harm they could have done to my dad. I know that a father’s role is to protect HIS daughters, but believe me when I say that if given the opportunity I would DEFEND and PROTECT MY PAPA BEAR TO THE DEATH. And I wish I had slapped those boys the day they told me this and laughed at me.

I can just picture how strained he was to be doing this physical activity in the hot summer heat, how it epitomizes their hard work balancing so many tasks, and then I think about all the sacrifices my parents have made for me and my siblings, the unconditional love…and well, I’m ending this blog post in close to tears. I’m not even going to bother finishing the video.